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This unique fitness business was the brainchild of founder and head coach, Azmil Mohd Saleh, whom in June 2018 decided to setup a personal training only boutique studio in Mont Kiara. This concept is few and far between as most personal training services are offered in larger gyms as part of their services offered. Smarting from his experience in personal training in larger gyms prior to setting up Persevere Determined, the aim is to provide clients with the utmost PRIVACY, DISCRETION and INTIMATE training environment offered in Klang Valley.  

Fast forward to 2021, we will be embarking into a bigger premise equipped with best-in-class equipments and carefully curated to serve all strength training modalities. We call this place Anabolica. And it's logo is a rhino. Why? Because it is a bloody strong creature but at the same time humble and docile.  


We are for anyone who wishes to have a dedicated and focused fitness protocol but not before a full physical and psychological assessment are being done. No life changing training program should be without a proper nutrition coaching and here it is provided. 

If you think we are aiming at the affluent, think again. Personal training is an investment in oneself and the rewards and benefits are priceless. It is all about priorities. 


Anyone could join a gym. The question is, will they know what to do once they do? And even if they do, how many will consistently go once they have joined? And even if they are consistent, are they doing the right program or exercises to achieve whatever their fitness goals may be. Those who realise how difficult it is to achieve this will seek professional advice in the form of a personal trainer. However this is not the be all and end all of their problem. Not if the personal trainer is not equipped with the right qualifications, knowledge and experience to design the right training program for the clients. 


Here we are coaches. Not just personal trainers as personal trainers are cheerleaders who count reps and make sure you complete your workouts. We offer a more holistic approach to training whilst still maintaining a structure to ensure progress and results. 


Here we get to know the clients first. We assess them beforehand. Not only to learn the end result they want but how they would like the journey to be. We do not blindly put a client through a training program before knowing their limitations. Constant monitoring and evaluation will keep both the client and coach honest. And that's just the external side. We also get to know you on the inside by giving you a set a of questionnaire to establish your neurotype. From then on, we are able to tailor your training program accordingly.  


To be recognised as the place to go when someone wishes to achieve super wellness. To be known as the place to go when you want life changing results. 


To maintain the same quality and standards on every client and to keep evolving as a super wellness centre with the most innovative yet relevant technology. To remain ahead of the fitness and wellness industry with all the current knowledge and trends which will improve training, nutrition and recovery.





3,300 square feet of carefully curated machines and equipments to cater for all your training modalities.  

Our lifting section is fully equipped with Eleiko. Our bodybuilding section is fully equipped with Watson Gym Equipment UK. Our strength machines are a mix of both Watson and Prime Fitness USA. Our cardio section is equipped with Concept 2 machines and a Trueform treadmill. Our functional training area consists of equipment by Torque Fitness' Tank, Rogue kettlebells and medicine balls, Hedstrom Surge and Hyperwear Steelbells.  

We may not be the biggest gym out there but we have the best of the best.



This is what we do. This is what we do best. This is the purpose of our existence. 

Exercise is defined as an activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.

At Persevere Determined we define training as doing whatever it takes to improve your health and achieve the fitness level you have always desired. These are achieved through the right protocol, nutrition, rest and biohacks. 

Our approach is a scientific one.


Firstly we put you through a set of questionnaire to establish your neurotype. Why? Because there is a correlation between your neurotype and your muscle fibre composition.


Secondly, we put you through an InBody body composition analysis to establish your body fat and muscle mass percentages, visceral fat level, BMI and waist to hip ratios. 


Thirdly we put you through a Functional Movement Screening and Functional Breathing Screening to ensure you are mechanically sound to embark on this fitness journey. If you aren't we'll go slow and bring you up to the level where you will be able to "attack" your goals as you should.  

We have a deep conviction and belief that in order to achieve your goals and objectives, the training process must include:


  • CONSTANT LEARNING. Clients must allow themselves to be coachable.


  • CHALLENGING. Clients need to be prepared to have their limits pushed. 


  • SUPERVISION. We must be allowed to maintain close contact of the client’s progress.


  • SUPPORT. Coaches are always available for technical and knowledge support.​


  • PRACTICAL. We will try to incorporate as many functional movements as possible that are practical in our daily lives.


  • SAFETY. A safe training environment is of our utmost importance.

We also offer these following services independently:​​


  • Functional Movement Screening

  • Functional Breathing Screening

  • ​Fundamental Capacity Screening

  • InBody body composition analysis 

  • Health coaching

  • Neurotype assessment and program design




27-2 Plaza Damansara

Jalan Medan Setia 1

Damansara Heights

Kuala Lumpur 50490



+6012 998 1977

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