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Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Every CEO think they have their lives sorted. Yes, there is a select few who can afford to go for their morning cycle or early tee off then walk in to their respective offices in time for their elevenses. They are the envy of other CEOs. Did I mention that they also go for long lunches or clock off early for cigars with their other well-connected friends? 

For the rest of them, they are there for their companies 18 hours a day. Do they sleep well? Of course. When your mind, body and soul are with your company that long each day, you can bet your Patek Phillipe, they sleep well. The mind needs to recharge. The brain is a muscle. Like any other part of the human body. It needs its rest. 

So what about the rest of your body? The ones you can see and the ones you can't. If a CEO is, how do I put this politely, out of shape, chances are he's already taken the initiative to sign up with one of the high end gyms in his locality. Or perhaps he's bought a road bike. My money is on him planning to go to the gym more than he actually did. 

It's the one that they can't see that is worrying. The clogged arteries from all those wagyu over business dinners. The damaged liver from all the single malts post-dinner. The build-up of ulcer due to stress. Here I'm not even talking about the big C. And I'm not gonna talk about it because the big C can bring down even the fittest of men. 

So what's my angle here? It's simple. You are the CEO. The admiral of your ship. El capitano. You dictate who you see, when you see him and where. And since time is in your control, although I know you'd wish for an extra hour a day, allocate 90-mins a day to your health. Why 90 minutes? Because an actual workout last about 45 minutes. Don’t forget our shitty KL traffic and the time it takes to get out of (and back into) your suit. You can always workout on your own but believe you me, that 45 minutes will either feel like you've just done nothing or it'll be stretched to 60 or longer. 

How did you get to where you are now, Mr CEO? Let me tell you. By staying focused. Forget hard work and intelligence. Or even perhaps daddy's connections. You are where you are by remaining focused. So why not make your workout focused as well? A clear path leading to a finite objective. Hire a personal trainer. Someone who knows how to change you. Transform you. Save you from making a new tux for the Tatler Ball every single year. 

But here's the kicker. Don't just hire any personal trainer. Hire someone who knows what they are actually doing from the get go. Hire us. Hire PRSVR // DTRMND (pronounced Persevere and Determined). Why? Because we are the only one who thought of writing this letter. We are the only one who know how you feel. We are the only one whose founder was once a CEO. 

Do not let your health and fitness requirement go from a want to a need.

Till next time, persevere and stay determined.

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